Survival Solutions for Bars & Restaurants

No industry has been harder hit by the COVID-19 pandemic than the hospitality industry. More than 110,000 eating and drinking places—17% of the industry—closed permanently or long-term in 2020, according to the National Restaurant Association. Most of those who’ve survived report a significant drop in revenues, which is dire in an industry with slim profit margins.

Since COVID began, we’ve dedicated our time and energy to helping hospitality businesses beat the odds—and not only survive, but thrive. We’re gratified to say we’re making a difference — see What Our Clients Say

Our most essential COVID-busting services include:

  • Developing safety and security training plans and protocols, in accordance with local and national health and safety standards
  • Conducting staff, manager and Train-the-Trainer COVID programs
  • Adjusting menu and service offerings to appeal to customers’ evolving mindsets
  • Updating issues ranging from occupancy and table spacing to sanitation practice and kitchen traffic flow
  • Offering marketing, social media and advertising concepts
  • Providing general strategic and tactical guidance

If you’re trying to recover from COVID shutdowns, we can help you plan a successful rebound–tell us what you need help with.