Helping Bars & Restaurants Thrive in the Post-COVID World

No industry was harder hit by the COVID-19 pandemic than the hospitality industry. Now, business is on the upswing. People are hungry for a good meal and a good time. There are tremendous opportunities, but also ever-evolving challenges.

That means bars and restaurants must evolve, too—and since COVID began, we’ve been helping them do just that. We’re gratified to say we’ve made a difference; see What Our Clients Say


Currently, our most in-demand post-COVID consulting services include:

  • Offering creative workarounds to chronic labor shortages, such as optimizing staff schedules and implementing new technologies
  • Developing solutions for overcoming supply chain issues and food shortages
  • Helping businesses develop new financial models to optimize profits
  • Renegotiating vendor and supplier contracts to get more for less
  • Improving the customer experience through staff training programs
  • Offering updated marketing, social media and advertising concepts
  • Identifying service improvement opportunities through Secret Shopper initiatives
  • Providing proactive game plans for dealing with potential local/staff COVID outbreaks
  • Finding opportunities to cut costs without compromising services
  • Adjusting menus and service offerings to appeal to customers’ evolving mindsets
  • Leveraging takeout and home delivery sales opportunities

After all, change is hard, especially when you’re in the middle of things. Sometimes, you need an expert perspective to get it right.

If you need help tweaking your operations to thrive in the post-COVID world, we can help. It starts with a free, 30-minute mini-consult. Contact us to schedule yours today.