Complete Bar & Restaurant Consulting and Coaching Services

For more than 30 years, we’ve helped hospitality companies of all shapes and sizes increase profits and operate more efficiently. We help start-ups get off on the right foot…floundering businesses get back on track…and established facilities create a winning growth plan.

Whether you own a 10-table coffee shop or a 1,000-seat casino, we can help you leverage your strengths, shore up your weaknesses, and lower your labor and food costs. We are experts at identifying where operations are leaking profits and offering straightforward solutions.

Our consulting and coaching services include:

  • Restaurant turnarounds: creating success from failure
  • Business strategies for successful startups
  • Identifying optimum sites for new ventures
  • Concept creation
  • Developing winning menus and pricing
  • Establishing operations and culinary standards
  • Implementing safety/security training plans and protocols
  • Effective owner, manager and staff training  
  • Initiating marketing, social media and advertising concepts
  • Providing general strategic and tactical guidance and coaching
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We work closely with restaurant owners and managers to understand their goals and work process. To this end, we often ask new clients to take an assessment test through the Trust Well Network. It’s an extremely useful tool; in fact, many clients ultimately use it to better understand their workers, too.

And of course, we’re helping bars and restaurants thrive in the post-COVID world, from dealing with labor shortages and supply chain issues to improving the customer experience in light of the current environment.

Tell us what’s keeping you up at night—and let’s see how we can help.

Segments We Serve

Veterans & Veterans’ Groups

Hospitality Works is a veteran-owned business—Izzy served in the U.S. Army for six years, including as a Food Inspection/Quality Assurance Specialist. That’s why we’re passionate about helping fellow veterans, from individual bar and restaurant owners to national veterans’ groups.

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Real Estate

When selecting a new bar or restaurant site, a great location is critical to future success. However, thoughtful site selection involves the analysis of many factors and details, some which are easy to overlook if you’re new to this side of the hospitality business.

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When it comes to on-campus foodservice, colleges and universities face unique challenges. After all, some institutions are preparing and serving food at dozens of locations, not to mention providing catering services.

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Casino and hotel foodservice operations face the challenge of feeding and pleasing thousands of guests every day—not to mention serving cocktails on the gaming floors. And, of course, lately, COVID-19 has created some additional twists.

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