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Our Services

COVID Comeback Planning

Whether implementing health and safety best practices, training your staff, or streamlining your menu, we’ll help you operate safely and successfully in a COVID world.

Turnaround Coaching

Can’t get it right, but don’t know what’s going wrong? From pinpointing where you’re leaking profits to streamlining operations and costs, we’ll help you turn things around ASAP.

Successful Start-up Strategies

We collaborate with owners, realtors, architects and builders to help new ventures get it right. We’ll help you develop a winning concept, craft a great menu, hire and train staff—even plan your marketing rollout.

Profitability Analyses & Restructuring

Be more profitable—every week, every day, every meal. We’ll analyze what (and who) is costing you…develop a plan for boosting profits…and give you tools to measure your progress.

Staff & Manager Training

Let us show your staff how to deliver a higher level of service—resulting in larger checks and tips—while coaching managers on handling problems proactively and motivating your team.

Operations Optimization

How direct is the traffic flow from kitchen to tables? How many hours are spent on daily kitchen prep? We’ll help you streamline operations and adopt best practices that your guests—and accountant—will love.

Meet the Restaurant Coach

For more than 30 years, Izzy Kharasch has helped restaurants, bars, and other hospitality businesses improve their operations and profits. He is a recognized, results-driven expert in the field of foodservice management, as well as a trained chef and a proud Army veteran.

Whatever has brought you here, chances are, Izzy has seen and solved your problem before. Meet Izzy

Meet Izzy