Real Estate Consulting Services

New Restaurant Site Selection

When selecting a new bar or restaurant site, a great location is critical to future success. However, thoughtful site selection involves the analysis of many factors and details, some which are easy to overlook if you’re new to this side of the hospitality business.

We collaborate with owners and realtors, helping them weigh the pros and cons of various locations from an expert’s perspective. From demographics and zoning regulations to available parking, we’ll help you get it right.

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Architectural Consulting Services

It’s not enough to have an attractive dining area, although that is important. However, if you can’t get food and beverages to customers’ tables quickly and smoothly, that’s a big problem. Both the front and back of the house must not only be well-designed, but designed to work together.

Whether you’re building new construction or making renovations to an existing space, we can work with your architect and builder to ensure your blueprints not only look great on paper, but lay the groundwork for an attractive, functional venue.

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