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Hospitality Works is a veteran-owned business—Izzy served in the U.S. Army for six years, including as a Food Inspection/Quality Assurance Specialist. That’s why we’re passionate about helping fellow veterans, from individual bar and restaurant owners to national veterans’ groups.

We’ve found that, for a number of veterans, opening a bar or restaurant is the realization of a longtime dream. Unfortunately, in the highly-complex food and beverage industry, hard work and passion often isn’t enough. Sometimes you need specialized industry know-how to help you turn a profit.

We welcome the opportunity to provide hospitality consulting and coaching services to former service members and their families.

In addition, we understand the needs of veterans’ groups who operate bars and banquet halls for their members and communities. We have consulted for both American Legion halls and VFW posts, among others, helping these worthy nonprofits generate more revenue and make front and back of house changes that allow them to operate more profitably.

Are you a veteran thinking about opening a bar or restaurant? We encourage you to schedule a one-time consult with us. Izzy will listen to your plans, and in down-to-earth terms, tell you exactly what it will take—in time and money—to make them work. Before you invest, consider getting a reality check to make sure it’s really for you.

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Spotlight: Midwest Veterans Closet

Izzy currently volunteers and consults for Midwest Veterans Closet, a not-for-profit in the Chicago area that provides food, clothing and household goods—not to mention dignity—to veterans and even active service members in need of support.

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