Pepperoni’s and Bollo Woodfire Grill Pizza

Dear Izzy,


I am writing to thank you for the great information I received from you during your seminar, “Where is My Money? Prevent Theft in Your Restaurant Operation,” at the National Pizza Show in Chicago.


Some speakers can be too boring and others too old school. I really connected with all the stories you mentioned during the seminar to all of the experiences we’ve had in the restaurant business. I already told the owner (also my brother, Ray Salti) all about your seminar, and he would love to learn from you and connect all the dots.


Please make sure to contact me whenever you stop by Houston. We can arrange a humble dinner at one of our restaurants, a family business since 1990. Thank you again! 


On behalf of Pepperoni’s and Bollo Woodfire Grill Pizza,


Suzi Salti

Director of Operations