Midwest Veterans Closet

Midwest Veterans Closet  

“We had a small idea of what we wanted, but Izzy gave our goals grandeur, plus a cohesive plan and timeline.”

Mary Carmody, Executive Director, 

Midwest Veterans Closet, North Chicago, IL

Midwest Veterans Closet is a not-for-profit in the Chicago area that provides food, clothing and household goods—not to mention dignity—to veterans in need of support. 

Izzy, an Army veteran, was introduced to the organization through another client and began volunteering.

What started out as working food distribution days has turned into something more. The not-for-profit is launching a new jobs program. This includes a culinary training program, which Izzy is directing. 

Helping Vets Train for Culinary Employment 

“Midwest Veterans Closet is at a pivot point where our capital campaign is close to beginning construction on a larger facility,” says Executive Director Mary Carmody. “This will enable us to provide more programs and resources for our military heroes.” 

“One program is based in our soon-to-be commercial kitchen, where we will offer culinary skills to prepare vets for the job market. With Izzy’s guidance and instruction, we will also be creating culinary business leaders.” 

Not only will the program help vets get jobs as cooks and managers, it will enlist local restaurants to hire its graduates—preferably in pairs, a proven support strategy that helps vets stay employed.      

“We had a small idea of what we wanted, but Izzy gave our goals grandeur, plus a cohesive plan and timeline,” says Mary. 

“As a certified master chef, professor, and national talent, he has agreed to offer his time and expertise to be our program chairman.” 

Giving Back

“Izzy is an Army veteran and military hero who dedicated his younger years to providing for our freedoms,” says Mary. “He continues to serve his brothers and sisters through Midwest Veterans Closet, making consistent donations of goods and his time.”

“Every month, you can catch him filling vehicles with groceries in a continued effort to give vets–some who are experiencing or are at-risk of homelessness—a hand up.” 

“Izzy is kind and compassionate,” says Mary. “He knows that small gestures help vets feel their sacrifices are appreciated and recognized.”