Garden Club, South San Francisco, California

“Izzy is worth every penny. He is easy to work with. It’s been a wonderful experience.” 

Sal Vitalie

Garden Club, South San Francisco, California 


Established in 1964, The Garden Club is an Italian-style restaurant that Sal Vitalie, a successful entrepreneur, purchased several years ago. It was his first experience in the hospitality industry.

“When COVID first hit, I decided I needed some help before reopening,” says Sal. “I found Izzy online, and we started talking.”

Navigating COVID’s Ups and Downs

“COVID impacted us very hard, says Sal. “We were shut down for most of the year.” 

As a result of California’s shifting regulations, the restaurant reopened briefly in July and October, 2020, before finally reopening in February, 2021. Sal turned to Izzy for guidance. 

Izzy spent several days with the kitchen staff in addition to holding company-wide training sessions.

“Izzy has helped on many levels.  He helped guide us through all the health and safety guidelines for operations. He redid our menu. He also helped with food costing.” 

For example, prior to Izzy’s involvement, the Garden Club did not offer appetizers. Izzy worked directly with the restaurant’s chefs to add appetizers—which helped increase the size of guest checks and takeout orders. 

Increasing Sales and Profits  

As we write this, The Garden Club is not yet fully open. However, says Sal, “We have already seen a spike in many areas of sales. Adding appetizers to the menu has helped increase bar sales. Our liquor sales have jumped from 30% to 50% of our business.”

“Izzy is worth every penny. He is easy to work with. It’s been a wonderful experience.”