Hochatown Saloon. Broken Bow, Oklahoma

“Izzy’s great at finding solutions to problems.  He’s helped us tremendously. Without question, he’s helped us be more profitable.”

Scott Christian 

Hochatown Saloon, Broken Bow, Oklahoma


When Scott Christian—a successful entrepreneur—decided to open a bar/restaurant he was quick to admit that he’d “never sold a burger in his life.” He brought Hospitality Works in to help him get started and continues to rely on Izzy as a resource.  

Building from the Ground Up 

The first time Scott consulted Izzy, they were standing on a patch of dirt where the saloon would be built, sketching plans on a scrap of paper.

Scott wanted an authentic western saloon. Izzy brought the concept to life through the layout, which made the bar a focal point. They commissioned the handcrafted bar to be modeled after a photo of an 1800s-era saloon.  

That theme is reinforced with outside door handles made from shotguns. Inside, there’s iconic swinging doors to swagger though, an essential part of the saloon experience. 

Improving Profits, Preventing Loss

Whether workers treat their friends to free drinks or something more nefarious, it’s rare to find a bar that isn’t bleeding profits. The saloon was no exception. Izzy brought in a liquor control service to conduct an inventory, matching results against sales.  

“I thought we were doing great,” says Scott, “But it turned out we were losing 60% of bar profits.”

That service now conducts weekly inventories and Scott, Izzy and the bar manager receive weekly reports. End result: the service has paid for itself by 400%; the bar is turning a profit.

Coming Back from COVID

When the saloon needed a COVID comeback plan after Oklahoma’s shutdown, not only did Izzy conducted rigorous health and safety training with saloon staff, he encouraged Scott to launch a social media program broadcasting their initiatives. The goal: make customers feel comfortable coming back. It’s been extremely effective.

Other changes included maximizing takeout orders, scaling down the menu, and switching to one-size containers that reduced inventory. 

The saloon is doing so well, it’s currently facing a staffing shortage. The solution: an ordering app that allows customers to order on their smartphones, using table tents with QR codes.    

“Izzy’s great at finding solutions to problems,” says Scott. “He’s helped us tremendously. He keeps us up to date. Without question, he’s helped us be more profitable.”